About Us

Company Profile

Founded in 2012, Beijing Tiannengbo Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Beijing. The company has strong independent innovation capabilities in the fields of Internet of Things and blockchain, focusing on the design and development of special chips and equipment in these fields, and provides corresponding system solutions, technical services and products.

The core of future information technology is artificial intelligence and blockchain. Tiannengbo has been deeply involved in the development of special chips in this field for many years. Bockchain will change the future and the world. Neulinker will always be committed to the development of related industries, and strive to become the enabler and connector of special chips in the field of blockchain in the future.

Philosophy and Vision

With the technological development in emerging fields such as the Internet of Things, and blockchain in recent years, as well as changes in the industry, the traditional (CPU) general-purpose computing method has been unable to meet the needs of users, and mankind is about to usher in a magnificent The transformation of computing, "custom computing", "secure computing", and "shared computing" that are more in line with the development of science and technology are rising day by day.

In recent years, Tianneng Bo people have deployed in the field of special-purpose computing, based on their own technological research and development advantages and accumulation, adhering to the concept of innovation, openness, cooperation, and win-win, and strive to become a special-purpose chip in the fields of blockchain and the Internet of Things.