About Us

Company Profile

Beijing NeuLinker Information Technology Co. Ltd, a “Beijing High-tech Enterprises” company, was incorporated in 2012. The company has accumulated lots of first hand experience in building ASIC chips and customized systems in the areas of Artificial Intelligent(AI), Internet-of-Things(IoT) and Blockchain.

The frontier of information and technology innovation is AI and blockchain. NeuLinker has very professional technical accumulation and industrialization experiences in the related research and development. We focus on the ASIC Chip and specialized system development and deployment to the world markets.  NeuLinker has 5 items of patents for invention and multiple intellectual property rights.

Philosophy and Vision

Accompanying with ever-changing technology developments on new fields, such as  AI, IoT and blockchain, the traditional CPU computing method can not satisfy the demands of applications. The world is on the verge of a massive computing revolution. Complying with the development of science and technology, “Custom Computing”, “Secured Computing” and “Shared Computing” are rising rapidly. NeuLinker is devoted itself to lead this computing revolution in the field of AI, IoT and blockchain.